Monday, 25 July 2011

Leather Fashion Accessories That Turn Heads

Gone are the days when leather was scorned. Those on the cutting edge of fashion again realize the beauty and quality that leather fashion accessories can bring to the table… and real fashionistas, it seems, are begging for more.

Everywhere we look today, we see them: beautiful leather belts, brilliant leather bracelets cuffs, glamorous leather chain gloves, and even killer keyring chains that announce that their owners value all the quality that genuine leather imbues. No one is looking for lusting after vinyl, and pleather has seen its better days… real leather made goods have come full circle and are adding virtue and value to the mix. In fact many customers are asking for more genuine leather fashion accessories -- and some very select and noteworthy artisans and retailers are heeding that call, producing unique, quality items that clients count on wearing and adoring for years to come.

           Photographer :  Irene Nagayo using GMK bracelet cuffs and leather chain glove and leather belts 

Look around you… do you really have enough leather? Wouldn’t you love to add a few more leather fashion accessories to your wardrobe? More and more folks are finding that leather never really goes out of style – and they’re enjoying reveling in all that luxurious leather glory.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Leather is Beautiful

Women’s leather fashion accessories are the newest and hottest trend in the fashion industry at this very moment… The interesting thing is that leather has indeed, “been there, done that,” before.  With a few exceptions on the great fashion-trend timeline, leather has always been prominent.  From the great cave-dwelling days to the Wild, Wild West and beyond, women’s leather fashion accessories have been the most functional and the most fetching pieces in their wardrobes. Leather bracelet cuffs Leather boots, leather coats,leather belts leather laces, leather jewelry, and leather bags have been fast favorites for ages and it seems that recently the momentum of the movement in women’s leather fashion accessories has picked up and is moving full force toward styles and designs yet to be imagined.

model wearing GMK bracelet cuffs 

For those women who love leather, what the future holds promises to be very interesting and very rewarding to boot.  Bring it on!  Bring it all on!

model wearing GMK  leather bracelet cuffs  , leather chain glove and choker